Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let's play Linko

Ka’ching! You’ve hit the jackpot, dear Reader. Yes, you’re in for a really big win. Instead of doing the usual, this week your bashful blagger is going to shaddap her pen and leave you to wind and weave your way through a whirlwind of links related to writing, language and life in the fast lane of freelancing.

Whoa there, li’l blagger! Sounds like you’re setting readers off on a wild goose chase.

Au contraire, o ye of little Hope, Faith and Charity! And if it does end up a wild chase, rest assured, these goosey-loosies all lay olden but golden eggs. So...drum roll, please Maestro! Let the links speak for themselves. Without any further ado (or a don’t) let’s play Linko!

How to Stop Digital Fiddling and Start Writing
by Mary Jaksch

50 Useful Blogs for Writers
by Randy Ray

10 Tips for Kicking Ass as a Freelance Writer
by James Chartrand

How to Create a Highly Viral Blog
by Jonathan Mead

The Art vs. Craft Gap - a Writer’s Paradox
by Larry Brooks

The Agatha Christie Code: Stylometry, serotonin and the oscillation overthruster
by Mark Liberman

Less Rigor, Fewer Ulcers?
by Editrix

The Basics of Copy Editing
by Mike Billings

Gormenghastocabulary IX
by Sarah Et Cetera

Talk Wordy to Me
by Brian White

A Comprehensive Guide to Starting Your Freelance Career
by Collis Ta’eed

How to Get More Referrals
by Cyan Ta’eed

What the Carnies Can Teach You About Freelancing
by James Chartrand

10 Ways to Make Laziness Work for You
by Leo Babauta

Hourly rates calculator
on FreelanceSwitch

Very Funny Ads
for a laugh since all work and no play makes Jack a dull pot. Ka’ching!

On which bright shiny note let me leave you with the dulcet Joe Dolce singing words of wisdom. Let it be (hey) and see you next week!

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  1. AnonymousJuly 30, 2009

    Hey! Haven't sung along with this song since the 1980s. Brings it all back. Good links. Like the Agatha one best.